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A Weekend in Miami – An Itinerary

Miami in 48 Hours

Words by Teodora Burtescu
Featured Photograph by Ryan Spencer

Miami is one of the most vibrant mixtures of cultures you could ever emerge yourself into in just a short weekend getaway. Walk down the streets and find yourself mesmerized by the beauty and diversity of modern street art, giving life to the city and enhancing its architecture. Weather plays a crucial role in exploring the city so, if you can, make sure to arrive during the warm season so you can enjoy what Miami has to offer to the fullest.



Breakfast at the Toasted Bagelry and Deli

Get a feel of the city you are about to discover by grabbing breakfast at what has been named the best bagel place in Miami. Their bagels are named after different neighborhoods in the city, with the intention of replicating their energy in just a few, tasty bites. When you’re done, go out and see for yourself if their depiction was accurate.

Explore the Superblue Miami

As an immense, 50,000-square-foot space dedicated to displaying the works of some of the world’s most renowned artists, Superblue Miami sets out to challenge the visitors’ perceptions through a highly immersive and well-curated art exhibition.

Enjoy this groundbreaking experimental museum: an experience you will certainly not forget.

Walk Around Wynwood

Continue your venture into the artistic side of Miami by exploring Wynwood, a neighborhood recognized for its street art. The most iconic portion is the Wynwood Walls, a free rotating gallery exhibiting the murals of some of the most famous contemporary artists. The walls have showcased the works of figures such as OSGEMEOS, Lady Pink, and Tristan Eaton.


Lunch at KYU

KYU is one of the most popular restaurants in the city, specializing in pan-Asian, wood-fired cuisine by Chef Michael Lewis. The venue has a minimalistic, industrial design, all with a sophisticated touch that makes it a truly delightful stop after a morning spent exploring the city. Recharge your batteries and think about what art project impressed you most, and then get ready to continue the journey.

Don’t miss the Miami Design District

Formerly known as Decorator’s Row, the area has expanded into the home of chic fashion, modern architecture, and- in true Miami fashion- fascinating art. You can choose to continue your venture into the art scene of the city by visiting one of the (free) museums (such as ICA) or picking one of the numerous art galleries in the area to get lost in. Alternatively, this is a great space for shopping, carrying prestigious and timeless retailers such as Emilio Pucci and Giorgio Armani. There are also incredible restaurants in the area to choose from when you eventually want to sit down and have dinner. Choose whatever piques your interest and rest assured that you will not be disappointed.


End the night at LIV Miami

Miami is a known hotspot for nightlife, so definitely don’t miss out on what could be one of the most memorable nights of your life. Experience what Miami Beach is all about at LIV Miami, its most famous and largest club. Although it might be hard to get into, LIV is worth the effort, often being the favorite destination of celebrities visiting the city. It has only recently reopened, as COVID restrictions eased out in Florida, making this an even more exciting time to give it a go.



Brunch at Jaya

Start the day off slowly, after a night of fun with a brunch at Jaya in the Setai Hotel. If you’re lucky enough to visit on a Sunday, the restaurant hosts a weekly Jazz concert that perfectly accompanies the delicious food. Enjoy the generous buffet while listening to the relaxing beats of the live band. Capturing the very essence of Miami, the restaurant serves dishes from cuisines all around the world, all authentically and delightfully cooked: choose a classical Sunday Roast, or a pile of soft American pancakes, or even an Indian curry.


Boat Cruise

You cannot leave Miami before embarking on a boat cruise. Get your favorite bathing suit on and rent out a boat to take in all of the beautiful sights. Look out for celebrity-owned villas or venture out into the ocean and swim with the dolphins. Have a picnic and a glass of champagne for lunch and – if you’re lucky! – bathe in the warm sun and enjoy the beautiful view of the city.


Dinner at the River Seafood Oyster Bar

You simply cannot come to Miami without having a seafood dinner. Enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant covering the full spectrum of seafood: from fresh and locally sourced to flown-in delicacies. Everyone can find something to their taste on the restaurant’s generous menu. Or, if you cannot decide, simply opt for the chef’s choice and indulge in the best dishes that the River Oyster Bar has to offer.


Teodora Burtescu is a writer living in Durham. Teodora is deeply passionate about discovering new places and cultures.