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n/naka Los Angeles

Words by Freya Hutson-Jones
Featured Photograph courtesy of n/naka

The California food scene has been dominated by n/naka exhibiting a compelling take on Japanese cuisine. With two-Michelin-star, n/naka provides a gastronomic experience incomparable to others, by spinning its own interpretation of kaiseki through an assorted blend of traditional and modern techniques – serving a 13-course tasting menu that provides guests with a unique and captivating exploration of a range of tastes, textures, and temperatures.

Fresh, seasonal ingredients of superb quality allow for tastebuds to be expanded, with a vegetarian option available alongside a variation of wine and sake. Minimalistic and chic dining settings allow one to focus on the plates in front of them.

Reservation required

3455 Overland Ave,
Los Angeles, California 90034