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Nordic Notes in New York City – La Cabra

La Cabra SoHo New York

Words Kevin Forster
Photos Abhishek Singh


When one dives into the narrative of La Cabra, this sentiment gains unparalleled depth. For the seasoned coffee enthusiasts, La Cabra’s name evokes a sense of refined familiarity. But for newcomers, prepare to embark on a journey that starts in the quaint streets of Aarhus, Denmark, and stretches all the way to the bustling lanes of New York City. With La Cabra, coffee transcends its basic form; it becomes a heartfelt story where Danish dedication seamlessly blends with global aspirations.

In 2012, Aarhus witnessed the birth of La Cabra’s vision. This wasn’t about merely brewing a cup; it was about capturing the soul of every bean. Every sip told a story — a dance of flavors from different origins coming together in harmony. Their unique approach to brewing, further enhanced by their own roasting methods, made them a conversation piece, attracting both casual drinkers and aficionados.

La Cabra SoHo New York

Soon, the vibrant rhythm of New York called out to them. Establishing themselves in SoHo, La Cabra introduced a slice of Denmark to the city’s eclectic mix. This space wasn’t just about coffee; freshly baked pastries joined the offering, adding another layer to the La Cabra experience. Here, in the heart of SoHo, the café stood as a symbol of La Cabra’s global ambitions, mingling Danish traditions with New York’s energetic vibe.

Their decision in 2013 to venture into sourcing emphasized their commitment to quality and depth. They weren’t merely serving coffee; they were narrating the entire journey — from bean to cup. With each relationship forged with producers, each bean selected, and every pastry crafted, La Cabra’s message echoed clearly: Every cup offers not just a drink, but an experience, and it’s an experience they passionately share with the world.

284 Lafayette St,
New York, New York 10012