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République Los Angeles

Words by Freya Hutson-Jones
Featured Photograph courtesy of République

Situated within a 1920’s cathedral-esque building once home to Charlie Chaplin and eventually Nancy Silverton and Mark Peel’s famous La Brea Bakery and Campanile Restaurant, République certainly embeds history within its exposed-brick walls. Today, Chefs Walter and Margarita Manzke showcase this exquisite all-day French eatery encompassing a bakery, café, and bar in the front, then a more formal bistro in the back, guaranteed to make your mouth water at any moment.

Rustic, intimate, and simply unbeatable – République offers delicious pastries made fresh each day, a brunch menu worth talking about, and dinner accompanied by a great wine selection, ideal for special occasions.

Reservation required

624 S La Brea Ave,
Los Angeles, California 90036