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Medieval Echoes

Medieval Echoes The MET Cloisters

Words & Photographs by Abhishek Singh

On a balmy summer day, I ventured far beyond the common paths of the city to The MET Cloisters, a less frequented yet equally enchanting branch of The MET, nestled in Fort Tryon Park. Unlike its counterpart in the bustling heart of Manhattan, The MET Cloisters offers a serene retreat, steeped in the essence of medieval Europe. Its art, architecture, and enchanting gardens echo a time long past, hence the title of this photo essay, ‘Medieval Echoes.’ A medley of colored and grayscale photographs from my visit captures the unique ambiance of this museum on a warm day.

Within these walls, one discovers over 5,000 works of art from the medieval period, including illustrious unicorn tapestries, intricate manuscripts, and solemn sculptures. The Cloisters, true to its name, features a collection of mesmerizing gardens, painstakingly designed to reflect the horticultural practices of the Middle Ages. The herbs, shrubs, and flowers in these gardens not only beautify the surroundings but also offer insights into the medicinal and culinary practices of a bygone era. The picturesque views of the Hudson River and the Palisades from the gardens further amplify the tranquil ambiance.

99 Margaret Corbin Dr,
New York, New York 10040