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Aime Leon Dore

By September 22, 2022November 2nd, 2022No Comments
Aime Leon Dore New York

Words by Alessa Marczak
Featured Photograph courtesy of Aime Leon Dore

Aimé Leon Dore is a fashion and lifestyle brand based in Queens, New York. Aimé Leon Dore’s home city is a key part of their brand identity, drawing inspiration from 90s hip hop culture, and basketball motifs, and collaborating with notable sportswear brands from Puma to New Balance. Equipped with an in-house Greek-Inspired café as a nod to the founder’s Greek heritage, shoppers can sit back and relax whilst being surrounded by bespoke heritage interiors, with a Freddo Espresso and a Kourabiedes in hand.

61 Crosby St,
New York, New York 10012