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The Cities We Tell. As the Editor at Thira, I frequently receive inquiries from passionate writers around the world, each eager to share the richness of their hometowns and favorite destinations. They ask: “Can we contribute our tales from Tokyo?” or “We have some charming narratives from Sydney, can we send them your way?”

I am always warmed by the passion in their requests, their desire to add to Thira’s mosaic of travel, art, style, and design. However, our current journey is mapped across four captivating metropolises – New York, Los Angeles, London, and Rome. It’s here that we are weaving our tapestry of stories, breathing life into these cityscapes through our distinct narrative style.

And yes, there are cities that tug at our hearts, places that whisper promises of fascinating narratives. We are contemplating adding Paris, Milan, Mumbai, and Hong Kong to our itinerary next year. There is also the possibility of publishing content in the French language.

So to our fellow voyagers, hold onto those stories. We’re excited about the prospect of expanding our narrative landscape. Until then, we invite you to journey with us through our current destinations, experiencing the world through the lens of Thira.

If you’re a storyteller living in New York City, Los Angeles, London, or Rome and wish to contribute, please reach out to me at

Abhishek Singh