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A Visual Tour of Frieze New York 2023

By May 23, 2023May 24th, 2023No Comments
Frieze New York

Words and Photographs by Abhishek Singh
Featured Art – Imi Knoebel, 'Once Upon A Time VIII', 2022, 85 3/16 × 76 × 1 3/4 inches, acrylic on aluminium.

In the heart of New York City, enveloped within the structure of The Shed, a subtle yet captivating event unfurled over several days. A stone’s throw from the Hudson on West 30th Street, this event was an international feast of contemporary art, featuring an astounding diversity of artistic creations from over 60 leading galleries spread across 27 nations. This was Frieze New York 2023, a fair that for a few days transformed The Shed into a hub of visual artistry and conversation.

This Photo Story invites you to explore the creative atmosphere of Frieze New York 2023. Through a collection of photos, it showcases the diverse artistic expressions and the unique ambiance of the event.

Davide Balliano Frieze New York

Davide Balliano, 'Untitled', 2023, 60 × 60 inches, plaster, gesso, varnish on Belgian linen.

Jack Whitten The Mingo Altarpiece

Jack Whitten, 'The Mingo Altarpiece: For George Mingo 14 September 1950 – 6 December 1996', 1996, 44 × 36 × 3 inches, acrylic on board with sculpture by George Mingo.

The Shed

The Shed

Suzan Frecon Mars Indigo

Suzan Frecon, 'Mars Indigo', 2019, 87 3/8 × 108 1/2 × 1 5/8 inches, oil on linen.

Raphaela Simon Architektur

Raphaela Simon, 'Architektur (Architecture)', 2022, 90 1/2 × 78 3/4 inches, oil on canvas.

Galleries at Frieze New York 2023

Galleries at the Frieze New York

Constantin Nitsche Micocoulier

Constantin Nitsche, 'Micocoulier', 2022-23, 79 7/8 × 70 7/8 inches, oil on canvas.

Suzan Frecon Buoninsegna

Suzan Frecon, 'buoninsegna', 2022, 108 3/10 × 87 1/2 × 1 1/2 inches, oil on linen.

Frieze New York at The Shed

Gagosian at Frieze New York 2023

Yoo Geun-Taek Fountain

Yoo Geun-Taek, 'Fountain', 2022, 114.2 × 79.5 inches, black ink, white powder and tempera on Korean paper.

Casey Kaplan

Installation view of Casey Kaplan's booth at Frieze New York, 2023.

Frieze New York The Shed

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