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The Hoxton Williamsburg New York

Words by Alessa Marczak
Featured Photograph courtesy of The Hoxton, Williamsburg

The Hoxton Williamsburg is the first US outpost of a blossoming boutique-hotel mini-chain from the UK of the same name – The Hoxton. Situated just a stone’s throw away from the bustling streets of New York, The Hoxton provides epic views of Manhattan with the best of Brooklyn on its doorstep. The hotel responds to the industrial landscape of Brooklyn while still managing to feel inviting and cozy, softened by brass fittings, luxurious velvets, and linens. The coffee bar, located in the hotel lobby, is the perfect way to begin the day, serving breakfast pastries and espressos to fuel an afternoon of city adventures.

97 Wythe Ave,
Brooklyn, New York 11249