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Editor's Notes

A Renewed Connection


We’re delighted to unveil noticeable enhancements to Thira. Those who’ve visited recently may have observed a transformation in both layout and wording. This revamp is engineered to foster a closer, more personal connection with our readers, merging beauty with utility. The layout isn’t the only aspect undergoing a transformation; we’re also fine-tuning the imagery to be more reflective of our vision. The goal is to present editorial content that’s both engaging and functional, reminiscent of the quality found in well-crafted print magazines. This transformation is an ongoing journey, and over the next few weeks, additional refinements to our layouts are slated to be introduced.

Your input is crucial in this evolution. Thira is meant to be a reflection of our shared passions and insights, and every piece of feedback is a vital component in shaping our direction. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on improving the user experience or to learn about the stories that capture your interest. Reach out to us at, and together, we’ll continue the journey of developing Thira into a space that mirrors our collective interests and aspirations. Each shared perspective contributes significantly to molding a platform that’s not just about individual style but a collective expression of our interconnected passions.