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The Concept – City Guides. The concept of our city guides is simplicity melded with authenticity. Our choices, compilation of establishments and experiences from personal sojourns and recommendations of dear friends, remain untouched by commercial affiliations. These recommendations stem purely from merit and uniqueness. Every page you turn exudes craftsmanship, printed on the finest paper, offering a tactile delight. With meticulous finishes and an aesthetic allure, these guides go beyond the usual, becoming timeless additions to your home décor.

The writing is elegantly minimalist, allowing the vibrant and expressive photography to tell the story. Each image is a portal, promising adventure and refinement, inviting you to journey through the lens. Among our recommendations, you’ll discover personal interviews with city locals. Their narratives and recommendations breathe life into the cities’ foundations. These interviews help you, the discerning traveller, connect with the essence of each city.

As you explore these cities and form memories, creating your own stories, these guides offer you personal spaces. Reserve pages for your cherished photographs, allowing them to blend with our curated imagery. Note down those fleeting moments, the spontaneous laughs, the scents that took you by surprise, and the tastes that lingered a tad longer. These guides are as much about your journey as they are about ours. Here’s to explorations that transcend the ordinary. Welcome to City Guides by Thira – may your journeys be as enchanting as your destinations.