Real Estate

Thira is a next-generation hospitality company for the traveler who wants more. We’re always looking for real estate partners – developers, owners, and operators – to bring the Thira experience to new destinations and expand in existing locations.

We engage with our partners in two ways –

Sign a Multi-year Fixed Lease

We sign one to multi-year fixed leases, engaging at any point of the life cycle—from ground-up sites to established properties.

Do Revenue Share Partnership

In a revenue share partnership, we share the revenue generated from the property on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Partner with Thira

As a Thira Partner, you’ll have access to a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in creative design, development, digital marketing, brand management, general management, and operations — ensuring the best possible return on your asset.


We know Brand Management and ensure your asset enjoy a great reputation in the neighbourhood.


Our guests are conscientious travelers who are respectful and value high quality.


Guests stay longer on average meaning higher occupancy rates and consistent revenue.

“Our two apartments are managed by Thira. It definitely gives us peace of mind since everything from management to reporting runs smoothly.”

Real Estate Partner, New York City

We are expanding and adding sites in the following destinations across South Asia – Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Mumbai by the end of 2021. In North America, we’ll be in Miami and SF by mid-2022.