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We are excited to introduce “Delivery I,” our first collection that spans travel, style, art, and design. This inaugural selection, the beginning of many more collections to come, starts with items that our team carefully selected: hats, a tote, and sweatshirts. For travel, the collection features a white tumbler engraved with our script logo, perfect for keeping drinks at the perfect temperature on any adventure, and a lightweight canvas tote bag in a natural color, printed with our script logo.

For style, the collection features black caps, white T-shirts, and grey sweatshirts, all featuring our script logo on a woven label, offering a classic and cohesive look. Adding sophistication, the Slate Haze caps and Mulberry Mist sweatshirts feature a sans-serif logo variation embroidered in tonal threads. These items are not just merchandise but are carefully integrated into high-quality items that resonate with our brand ethos, ensuring each reflects our commitment to quality.

Our art section offers four framed prints capturing the essence of New York and Rome, providing two unique views of each city, each a limited edition of 3 copies, making them exclusive. The design aspect includes our scented candles, housed in sophisticated smoke glass jars, made from 100% natural soy wax and phthalate-free materials, hand-crafted and poured in small batches to enrich your space with a serene ambiance.

Despite an initial schedule for December 2023, unexpected delays moved our introduction to February 2024. We appreciate your patience and hope you find as much joy in “Delivery I” as we did in creating it. The next collection, “Delivery II,” is anticipated in Summer 2024. Our art and style items are limited editions, while our travel and design items are envisioned as essentials. Thank you for supporting our journey.