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As per the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Consumers in California have a right to knowledge, access, and deletion of their personal information. California Consumers also have a right to opt out of the sale of their personal information by a business and a right not to be discriminated against exercising one of their California Privacy Rights.

Thira does not sell your personal information, has not in the past, and is committed not to do so in the future. Thira does not discriminate in response to privacy rights requests. We provide notice of our privacy practices in our Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy includes what personal information is collected, the source of the personal information, and the purposes of use, as well as whether Thira discloses that personal information.

On the use of Cookies, please read our Cookie Policy. You can control the cookies and internet-based information you share with us. You can always restrict the placement of cookies on your device or remove them from your browser by going to the browser settings.